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“We founded Heartwood Wealth Advisors to break from the traditional, Wall Street model and focus on personalized service, collaboration with clients, and transparency.”

Steve Clarke

It’s more than a name.

The heartwood of a tree is the most sturdy and desirable cut of wood for builders. In the living tree, it provides the strength and stability required to grow tall and flourish.

The longleaf pines that once covered the coast from southern Virginia to eastern Texas take thirty years to grow one inch of heartwood. Its creation reminds us that great strength and integrity are produced with discipline over time.

Heartwood represents to us the firmness with which we stand for the beliefs that guide our lives and our business.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

“Every recommendation we make is motivated by a sincere desire to provide the highest quality, objective advice.”

Steve Clarke, CIMA®

Managing Director, Wealth Management

Retirement Planning

Asset Management

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We listen to what you say.

We want to know you – what is most important, what worries you, what is on your wish list. We don’t believe we can guide you where you want to be if we don’t listen to you describe the destination.

“When you call Heartwood, you will speak with a member of our team who really cares and knows who you are.”

Anita Bost, CFP®

Director, Compliance

We’re accountable only to you

We always strive to offer the kind of advice and service we want for our own loved ones. We’re accountable only to you, and we offer complete transparency into our fees and compensation. See the proof that we are working for you – not for incentives that could compromise the advice we give.

“If we tell you that we will call the next day, you can be assured we will call the next day. If we promise you an answer to a question, you will have it.”

Sid Martin

Managing Director, Wealth Management

Experience. Accountability. Thoughtfulness.

These values are ingrained in every aspect of who we are and all that we do.

Our dream is to help you fulfill yours.

“What we do for our clients is all geared toward answering one key question. What do you want your money to do for you?”

Wes Kaufman, CFP®

Managing Director, Wealth Management